Hong Seol is the main protagonist in the Cheese in the Trap series. She is the oldest daughter in her family and also the most hardworking. She has been independent her whole life, never needing to rely on anyone. That is until she met Yu Jung, a senior that goes to her college. Their relationship starts off on the wrong foot but as the story develops, so does their relationship.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Seol felt as if her family always favored her brother more. As a result, she tried her best in everything she did, seeking approval and attention from her family, especially her father.

When she was younger, Seol had a grandmother that she loved. Her grandma favored Joon but she never stopped trying to get her grandmother to favor her. She once cried about something and her grandmother told her to stop because she didn't do enough to earn her tears.

Present Edit

She goes to the best University in Korea, majoring in business and supporting herself financially through jobs and scholarships. She is ranked second in the whole department, right after Jung. She is in a club that she made with her two best friends, Follow the Taste Follow the Looks.

Appearance Edit

"I thought I grabbed dog fur!" - Baek In Ho (S1C44)
She doesn't normally dress up or wear makeup. Her hair is naturally curly and textured, so it appears big. Jung once bought her a little stuffed lion because he said it reminded him of her.

Her style is laid back and casual. She likes layering big jackets over her clothes and would much prefer a pair of boots over a pair of heels.

Personality Edit

She is a very observant person, even admitting herself that she over-analyzes every single little detail. People notice that she looks tired all the time, with her overthinking being the cause. She often rubs people the wrong way because of this.

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